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Simone and her assistant have been amazing and provided outstanding care for my child. Since being here my child development has come progressed rapidly by provided her with new experiences and developing on her skills, sharing these skills and activities she has enjoyed doing with me which I am then able to continue to develop at home. My daughter continues to amaze me everyday, I constantly get comments of how independent and advance she is for her age.


Hi, just a quick review for Simone. I have use her service so far for babysitting but also looking forward for childminding. I can say that she is a very reliable person and responds very quick. She has a good setting environment. Very nice lady with good communication. Always upfront and answer all your questions without hesitations. I hired her service for an overnight childcare at her place. Everything went fine, no issue at all. Very caring person. I won’t hesitate to recommend that person.


Everything is stated in the contract all clear, payment policy is clear, flexible and easy to manage. She has risk assessments in place and emergency policies in case of an accident. I appreciated her renovating her home in order to give the children in her care more space to play. There was not one time when I felt she was less then respectful to me, never had arguments or misunderstandings. I know where I stand with her, my child is very happy there, always smiling and chatting along when I pick him up. That’s all that matters to me. I will definitely recommend her!!


Simone is by far the kindest, most reliable and trustworthy, consistent and professional childminder I have ever met. Simone’s Little Tots is a wonderful and welcoming place for any little one (or Mum) who needs professional, understanding and flexible childcare. Simone, Partner & Assistant are so friendly and welcoming and professional at all times. My son absolutely loves going to Simone’s and it’s such a lovely atmosphere there. I did not feel one bit anxious about leaving my son at all, It’s like dropping your child off to a member or family which feels so important for any Mother who may feel anxious about leaving their child for the first time.


My children are never bored but are more likely to want to stay and play/learn after the booked hours. If the children are happy then so should we. Simones policys are highly justified and a very demanding organisation so yes we do need to be sure as parents we are punctual and understanding of this. Simones tots provides a safe & fun environment for children with the big garden and conservatory she has. Kids will love being there in summer!. Simone conducts herself with much respect and has never stepped out of her normal tone when dealing with the children or myself. Id like to thank her again and very happy in continuing to use her applaudable service. *FOR ALL WORKING PARENTS* this is the place i assure you!!!! P.s she is not far from streatham common station so please check your own travel requirements before applying. Thank you.


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